Best iPhone X screen protectors

After spending a huge amount of money on buying your iPhone X, don’t forget to protect it with a screen protector. Most of the people does this mistake of not protecting their mobile screen with protector and later on regret. Screen Protector is important to keep your phone screen protected against scratches, or from being broken. Therefore, it is always a good idea to immediately apply a screen protector on your iPhone X screen as soon as you buy it. Here are some of the best iPhone X screen protectors that you may consider for your iPhone.

  • UAG Glass Tint

This 0.2 mm thick glass protector allows clear vision from the front while harder to see from sides. In this way, this protector makes it difficult for people around you to look into your phone. However, you can still use it effectively while giving full protection to your screen.

  • Armorsuit Matte Screen Protector

This is another best screen protector for your iPhone X that is matte in nature. The biggest benefit of using this protector on your iPhone is that it cancels out the unsightly glare. As a result, you will better able to see your mobile screen, even in the day light.

  • Full Coverage SPIGEN Protector

This screen protector is made up of 9H tempered glass that offers greater protection against drop and scratch. Furthermore, it comes with colored edges that add more aesthetics to your iPhone screen along with keeping it secure against damages.

  • Cellularize Impact Protection

For iPhone X, this is another best screen protector because of multiple features. For example, it is grease absorbent for your fingerprints and allows you to continue using your phone without any issue. It also ensures protection, clarity, and responsiveness. You can find it here on their website, or on Amazon.

  • Anker Glass guard protector

It comes with a slightly curved edge in order to provide enhanced protection to your iPhone’s front screen. Furthermore, it ensures deep protection and comes with a proper installation guide. In this way, anyone can buy and easily install it paying anyone to do so.

  • Supershields film-screen protector

This is a best screen protector for iPhone X if you work in a dusty environment. You will get annoyed when you have to clear the dust from your iPhone screen every time you use it for clarity. With this screen protector, the dust particles wouldn’t stay on it while provide protection against any damages to your phone.

  • Case-Mate protector

For iPhone X, this screen protector is also effective as it comes with 9H tempered glass. It also cancels out the shine or glare on your iPhone to enhance readability or screen visuals. Furthermore, it goes in long run due to its strong anti-scratch properties.

  • Tech21 Evo Glass protector

It is another 9H tempered glass screen protector with 0.4mm thickness and high quality. The best thing about this protector is that Evo Glass gives lifetime guarantee for this protector. It will give full protection to your iPhone against any type of accidental drops as well as scratches.

Five best AUX wires reviews

Everyone knows what an AUX cable is, especially music lovers. A very simple and precise yet equally subtle product used to deliver the best solution for all music lovers out there. Almost every vehicle these days have an AUX input which enables one to connect the compatible devices to play the music aloud.

There are numerous different electronics companies who have designed the most distinctive and inimitable AUX cables however no matter how enduring it is, a wire is supposed to wear down at some point. The breaking down of these wires usually end up causing sound distortion and connectivity issues. However, you can control it to some extent by choosing the right cable for such purposes.

We’ve put together a list of all the high-grade and enduring cables which will definitely last longer than you think. Have a look.

  1. Idmix® 3.5mm Aux Cable:

If you have an issue with tangling wires as well then choosing the Idmix Aux cable is the best option. The flat noodle like wire designed specifically to avoid tangling makes it easier to handle and store without being concerned about the knots (usually formed by the wires). Like most of the best Aux cables, the Idmix cable is not only easy to use but can be easily plugged in the car’s AUX input as well. All you need to do is make sure that the audio jack or the AUX in-port is almost 3.5mm.

The nickel plated connectors, high-grade materials and flexible jack makes it easier for you to use while using the charging port in your car.

  • XCC 3-Ft Tangle-Free 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable:

This three feet long cable is mainly bought because of its length and easy access no matter you are sitting in the front seat of the car or the back. The dual shielded high-quality metal connector makes this persistent and enduring and also allows it to easily connect with Samsung and Apple devices, mp3 and tablets as well. Since it has a flexible jacket, therefore, you can adjust it anywhere you want easily. The thing which majority of the buyers love about this cable is its tangle-free design which makes it easier for you to wind up the cable and put it anywhere you want.

  • Sentey LS-6620 Braided Metal Stereo Aux Cable:

The third  in line is the Sentey 3.5mm AUX cable. Thus aux cable enables you to easily connect the cable with your phone or any mp3 player and play music on your car’s stereo.

The best thing about the cable is that it has a gold plated beveled connecter which includes a step design which makes connection with the phone a lot easier. Not only this, the exterior of the cable is soft and durable which allows you to bend the wire and place it anywhere you want easily. The braided metal shell of the wire provides higher level of strength, persistency and value which makes the wire excellent of long-term use.

  • Mediabridge 3.5mm Stereo AUX Audio Cable:

The mediabridge Stereo AUX cable is also one of the most enduring wires. Apart from the high-quality the wire has numerous other features as well including easy accommodation with the smartphones and mp3 cases, gold plated plugs, durable metal connectors and braided copper and aluminum foul shield.

These are some of the most impressive features of a cable which allows you to easily connect and use the cable for quite some time.

  • Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable:

Last but definitely not the least is the Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable. The 24K gold plated jacks along with the four feet long cord makes it easier for you to use it wherever you want. Not only this, the easy to connect wire (with smartphones, tablets and MP3) enables you to enjoy music in the car conveniently. The outer layer of the cable is made from high-grade materials which means the wire can be used for quite a long time without needing any replacement.

These are the top five AUX cable wires in the market, currently.

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